Gifts and surprises from Belgrade in Sofia

On October 30th in Sofia you have the chance to participate in a raffle for attractive prizes, to taste Serbian sweets, and to participate in many fun games as part of the promotion of the Serbian capital Belgrade as a tourist destination. The event, which will present the various leisure and entertainment options of the neighbors, will take place between 4pm and 8pm at the Park Center Mall. Among the gifts you will “fight” through the raffle are weekends in Serbia.


Every year 25,000 Bulgarians visit Belgrade, and the number of guests is invariably among the first to visit. In addition, our compatriots are also leaders in food outside the hotels, as they can have fun. This was made clear by the words of the Deputy Director of the Belgrade Tourist Board, Slobodan Unkovic. He stressed that Bulgarians are among the most preferred tourists in the neighboring country.


И през тази година хиляди наши сънародници ще посрещнат Нова година в сръбските градове заради ниските цени, добрата кухня и гарантираното веселие. Българите са си сред най-многобройните посетители на Фестивала на сръбската скара в Лесковац, както и на налагащия се

And this year, thousands of Bulgarians will celebrate New Year in Serbian cities because of the low prices, the good cuisine and the guaranteed fun. Bulgarians are among the most numerous visitors to the Serbian Grill Festival in Leskovac, as well as to the long-awaited Feast Day in Caribrod, the closest town to Bulgaria. Also this year on November 16 you will be able to taste smoked sausages, as well as home-made cheeses, ajvar and brandy presented by over 2000 exhibitors, explained Vasil Andreev of the Caribrod Tourism Organization.

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