Gladiator fights in Nicopolis ad Istrum

If you want to witness a gladiatorial battles, to try dishes that have fed the soldiers of the Roman Empire centuries ago or to witness an ancient wedding ritual visit the first Roman Festival ” Nike – the game and the victory “. It will be held on 13th of August in the ancient Roman town Nicopolis ad Istrum. Its ruins are located just 18 km away from Veliko Tarnovo on the road to Rousse. The start of the festival is at 9.30 am and will end at about 7.00 p.m.

gladiator fights Nicopolis ad Istrum

In Nicopolis ad Istrum will be build an ancient street of crafts. So you could have a look at the old techniques of coinage, making jewelry, pottery and even a market for animals. If you are interested you can try dishes from the Roman cuisine. Very typical for it was a special fish sauce.The Romans added it to almost every dish. The sauce was made of fish guts and spices and had a specific salty taste.

gladiator fights Nicopolis ad Istrum

During the festival you can also learn archery or at least to see skillful demonstrations. You would see what looked like the military camps of the Romans and the barbarians, the march of the Roman legionnaires, their fight against the barbarians and also gladiator fights. You will get acquainted with methods of treatment in antiquity and clothes of the people living in the Empire . If you decide to dress yourself as a warrior or a slave from antiquity, you can participate in the contest for the most original costume of a visitor to the festival.

The program of the event has also includes a Roman theater, antique wedding, market of slaves, Thracian ritual and feast. Of course you can learn also a lot about the history of the place where the festival is held and the archeological  excavations in Nicopolis ad Istrum .

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