The glory of Buzludza monument reached China

Buzludza monument is already famous in China. The glory of the communist monument reached the Asian country thanks to a video posted by Chinese tourist in a social network. The short movie shows also views from Sofia, Plovdiv and the Rose festival in Kazanlak. You can find a link to the video of jennfchan here https://vimeo.com/192224582?ref=fb-share


Buzludzha monument is already very popular among Americans and Canadians. Almost everyone foreigner from these countries who visit Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora or Kazanlak do not miss to go to the monument, which is often compared to a flying saucer. The foreigners are willing to pay more than 50 lev /approximately 25 euro/ in one direction from Veliko Tarnovo just to have a look at the strange monument.


Hollywood also likes the monument. It was used in scenes from the new movie “The Mechanic: Resurrection” featuring Jason Statham and Jessica Alba. The huge monument which is visible from tens of kilometers was built in 1981 in honor of the Congress of the then ruling Bulgarian Communist Party. The monument was opened personally by the communist dictator Todor Zhivkov. In the construction were invested 14 million lev /approximately 7 million euro/.

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