The gods of wine in Ilindenci

Traditionally, for the feast of wine in the village of Ilindentsi, all the gods of wine, celebrated in Bulgaria during the centuries, gather together. They cut down the vineyards in the Mazowitz area to have a rich harvest and good produce. In the ritual take part masked as the god of wine for the Phrygians Sabazius, the Thracians – Zagreus, the Greeks – Dionysus, the Romans – Bacchus, the Slavs – Jarrolo and the Orthodox Christians – Triphon.

ilindenci wine

With them will be the girl Keratza, who once gave the name of the famous white variety “Keratzuda“, which grows in this area. This year’s feast is on February 3. The gods will perform the ritual at 10 a.m. and from 1 p.m. in the main square of the village will host local dishes, which anyone can try along with a glass of free wine and also the best local producers.

ilindenci wine

In addition to the culinary exhibition there will be a photographic one that will tell about the moments of the unique holiday. Like every year he will be crowned and king of wine. For the good mood of the audience will take care of Rusalka Orchestra, Folklore Ensemble “Malashevmtsi”, Ograzhden Quartet and Ensemble “Biser”.

ilindenci wine
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