Gold Fever in Sofia

How to wash gold from river sand can learn everyone during the 28th exhibition of minerals, fossils and precious stones. It will take place between 12th and 14th of October at the National Museum of Earth and People. Children will be able to see the multicoloured content under a magnifying glass and, with a bit of luck, get their own golden particle.


The rest of the visitors will be able to look beyond the rich collection of precious and semi-precious stones of the museum as well as jewellery and souvenirs made by them and presented by 60 exhibitors from all over the world. The collectors will be offered minerals from Bulgarian fields, rare and exotic minerals – models of exceptional class from all over the world, from world famous deposits in South Africa, Mozambique, Zaire, Namibia, Malawi, Madagascar, Tanzania, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Bolivia, Congo, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, England, Indonesia, Dominican Republic.


In addition, competitions will be held, which will determine the best mineral model, the best found in Bulgaria and the best mineral artwork or the best facade stone. Distinguished participants in the competitions will be awarded an honorary diploma.

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