Byzantium golden coins found in the Almus fortress near Lom

Three gold coins from the time of the Byzantine emperor Michael VII Dukka, who ruled from 1071 to 1078, were discovered in the ancient fortress of Almus in Lom by archaeologists led by Valeri Stoichkov. The coins probably were hidden during an attack on the castle, BNR reports. Most often at that time the fortresses of the Danube suffered from raids by Uzi or Kumans.

Before that, 3 silver coins from the 14th century and a large quantity of corrugated bronze Byzantine coins were found in the fortress. A few days ago, during the excavations, a monument to a prominent Roman from the first century AD was unveiled. On the marble monument there is an inscription in Latin, which is read and it turns out that it tells the story of a Roman warrior who served 44 years in the army and was buried by his slave because he did not start a family. The inscription shows that the deceased held the position of imaginifier – bearer of the image of the emperor.





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