Explore the original golden treasure of St. Miklos in Sofia

The original golden treasure of St. Miklos, which is made at the time of founder of the Bulgarian state Khan Asparuh in the 7th century can be seen in Sofia. It will be exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum. The precious objects are found in Banat, today’s Romania in 1799 and will be shown for the first time in Bulgaria. Saint Miklos was within the Habsburg Empire and the treasure is owned by the Museum of Art History in Vienna.

golden treasure pliska

The original gold objects leave for a first time the territory of the former empire. A copy of the objects visited last fall at the first Bulgarian capital Pliska. The treasure consists of 23 gold containers with a total weight of about 10 kg, and most subjects have a sample of 20-22 karats of gold. In the decoration of the vessels meet ornaments inherent in different cultures – Christian crosses, Bulgarian runic characters, motives inherent in the Sasanian and Byzantine art.

golden treasure pliska

The treasure is dated based on an inscription found on it in a proto-language, according to which is made in 693 years after Christ, during the reign of Khan Asparuh. For the pre- Bulgarian origin speaks the horse rider displayed on one of the vessels. According to other researchers, the treasury is from a different collections of khans. The treasure is found by two brothers Bulgarian gardeners digging in their land.

golden treasure pliska
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