Goran Bregovic’s orchestra plays in Shabla

A free concert of Goran Bregovic’s orchestra will take place on 2 June in Shabla. The concert will be part of the town celebrations of Shabla. The beginning of the music party is at 7 p.m. on the main square in Shabla. The orchestra will play the songs, starring the movies Underground, Black Cat, White Cat, Gypsy Time, and Father on a Trip.

bregovich orchestra shabla

In addition to the evening entertainment in Shabla, the traditional fair will be held during the day. Shabla was founded in the 16th century. There are several theories about the origin of his name. According to the legend, before the village of Shabla was established there was an estate of a woman called Aisle. Everyone knew her as Abla Aishe or aunt Aishe. But the wading plague has expelled people from the manor and they moved their home closer to the sea. In the honor of Ayes Abla, however, they called their village Shabla.


According to another legend, Shabla’s name derives from the name of the wild sorrel in the area, whose leaves are similar to sward or „sabya“ in Bulgarian.That’s where the name came from. A third theory claims that the name derives from the Latin or Thracian name Sablum, which means sands. Either way, since 1969, Shabla is a city and nowadays celebrates its holiday on 2nd of June.

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