Grand hotel Murgavets in Pamporovo is going to be renovated

In this and the next year the iconic Grand Hotel “Murgavets” in Pamporovo is going to be renovated. This was announced by the businessman Stefan Sharlopov. The investor will again manage the hotel after the last two ski seasons it has been in the hands of the Turkish hotel chain “Alkochlar.” The contract between “Sharlopov Group” and the Turkish managing group, however, was terminated earlier than expected.

murgavets pamporovi renovate

The reason is that the managing partners were not correct with the negotiated payments. The hotel didn’t worked in the standards that I was expecting, said Sharlopov. He added that he hoped to learn something from his Turkish partners, because of all the professional legends for the Turkish good service and know-how in the tourism industry. “I trust that we can understand a man’s word, to learn from them work. But this unfortunately that did not happen,” said the businessman. That is why he will again manage his hotel and promises never to rent it or to have common business with Turkish companies.

murgavets pamporovi renovate

” A gentleman’s agreement, however, takes two gentlemen, one is not enough” is the arguments of the investor. Therefore, from this winter on the hotel will be renovated to the standards of the hotel chain Sharlopov Group. For the upcoming season will be thoroughly renovated the top floor of the hotel, and the next- the whole building.

murgavets pamporovi renovate

Pamporovo can become a year-round spa destination spa if the project for bringing thot termal water from Beden vilage succeed. This according to Sharlopov  could happen in the next two years. This summer, for the first time in 10 years there were tourists in Pamporovo and it is logical to talk about operating the hotel year-round, explains Sharlopov.

murgavets pamporovi renovate
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