Grand opening INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites

The complex INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites opened

The complex INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites opened in Golden Sands resort. It is fully refurbished, with novel appearance and a new name. This is the famous in the past 45 years hotel “International”.

The opening of the INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites took place under the motto “All 4 seasons party“, meaning “All seasons at one place,” for the hotel starts to offer year-round service. The guests were welcomed in four differently decorated areas, which symbolized the four seasons. In the lobby, to the sounds of Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”, was depicted spring – a symbol of the beginning. The pool of the hotel represented summer. Autumn was depicted in the ballroom, where, besides the interior, the specialties were also prepared under this motto. The casino, which is the largest of its kind on the territory of Bulgaria, represented winter.

INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites welcomed famous people from the Bulgarian media, artists and cultural figures. Needless to say, there were many partners, friends, hoteliers and tour operators. Beloslava, Trom Bobby, DJ Marten, the band „Del Padre” and other musicians set the mood of the event. The entertainment was hosted by Niki Kanchev.

The architect of INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites is Vayana Gradinarska. Her project fully corresponds to the main purpose of the complex: to attract visitors year-round. The hotel offers various kinds of services that are suitable for different types of tourism, e.g. conference, leisure, seaside.  These services aim to live up to the expectations and needs of as many tourists as possible, throughout the whole year. The interior impresses with its clear and elegantly designed shapes and style.

Company “KITT” offers you to combine several types of holiday in Bulgaria in the new INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites, Golden Sands.

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