Groups from Costa Rica and Venezuela at the festival for authentic folklore in Dorkovo

Between July 27th and July 29th, the 20th-anniversary edition of the Festival of Authentic Forks will be held in the village of Dorkovo in Pazardzhik. And this year, dozens of groups from different parts of Bulgaria and from all over the world will present authentic folklore songs and dances. Only singing and dancing formations that perform untreated authentic folklore works are allowed to participate in the event.

It is also a prerequisite for the songs and dances not to be shown at the festival in Dorkovo. This year, participation was announced by groups from the regions of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Shumen, Haskovo, Varna, Blagoevgrad, Silistra, Vidin, Montana, Stara Zagora, Pernik, Dobrich, Razgrad, Vratsa, Smolyan, Yambol. The hosts from Dorkovo will naturally present themselves. So for three days, you can get acquainted with the folklore traditions of the whole of Bulgaria.

You will also be able to enjoy authentic folklore from around the world. As artists from Costa Rica, Venezuela, neighbouring Serbia, Russia and the United States will arrive in Dorkovo for the festival. In the last evening, the festival also features a gala concert by foreign groups.

In addition to the festival, the village of Dorkovo boasts also the nearby Tsepina fortress, as well as its mammoth in the Pliocene park near the village. In fact, you can see other finds and reptiles of flora and fauna in the region millions of years ago. During the expeditions conducted in the area were found numerous animal remains, as well as a new species for the science of birds – Rhodopean capercaillie and a small bird of the partridge family.

Dorkovo festival authentic folklore

The most interesting museum is undoubtedly for children, but adults also rarely fail to make a living with the huge mammoth. The ticket for the museum costs 5 leva for adults (approximately 2,5 Euro), 3 leva for children (approximately 1,5 Euro) and the entrance is free for the youngest children up to 3 years. This price gives you also the right to enter into another landmark of Dorkovo – the fortress Tsepina. The medieval fortress is located 6 km from the village and leads to an asphalt road.

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