Guides are insisting on tourist police

The Association of Guides in Bulgaria insists on the establishment of tourist police or other controlling authority to check if the guides who issue talks about the Bulgarian history have the necessary licenses. Worldwide, such civilian police to monitor compliance are appointed by municipalities that have the greatest interest in showing in their true historical light the landmarks in their territory.

tourism poliece

Fines for offenders abroad are salty. For example, if a Bulgarian guide decides to make an illegal talk in Thessaloniki or Istanbul and the police seize him, he will have to pay a fine between 100 and 400 euros. Around the world, museums, attractions and sites do not allow self-taught and unregistered guides to keep their talks in them. Because of the lack of control, the country loses 25 million leva every year –aproximatelly 12,5 million Euro, experts are categorical.

tourism poliece

The losses are due to the impossibility of seizing the right of the specialized work of the tour guides in Bulgaria and the non-appointment of officials who would serve the foreign groups that now come to Bulgaria with their own guides, even though this is contrary to the law. Guide guides insist also to be admitted to all cultural sites and landmarks in Bulgaria without having to pay an entrance fee. Even when they visit an attraction without a group. Because in these cases guides usually refresh their information and prepare their talk so that it is interesting for tourists.

Kazanlak Thracian tombs
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