Mariyana Nikolova: Health certificates will facilitate safe travel

The health certificate will facilitate safe travel and thus give an important impetus to the revitalization of the tourism ecosystem. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova during a high-level round table on European Digital Green Certificate, organized by Elizabeth Koestinger, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism of Austria.

Safe and free travel, as well as open borders, are essential for the revitalization of the tourism sector, which is why coordination, support and solidarity are needed both at EU and international level to create the necessary conditions to promote the  development in the sector in accordance with the fundamental right to free movement, said Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova. She added that the Bulgarian government supports the creation of “fast green corridors” for vaccinated people, people with a negative test for COVID-19 and people who have already recovered from COVID-19, while not restricting the travel of others. According to her, this should lead to the revival of the tourist ecosystem and international mobility, providing freedom of movement and eliminating the possibility of restricting non-essential travel. It is essential not to discriminate against third-country travelers who also qualify for the digital green certificate, Nikolova stressed out.

During the meeting, Minister Nikolova reminded that Bulgaria was one of the initiators for the introduction of a green certificate, and added that a solution must be found for people who for a number of reasons – personal or medical, can not be vaccinated.

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