Herb and flower gardens in HerbNara are changing every season

One of the most magical places to visit in Korea is the HerbNara flower farm. Perhaps the fact that the place is located at an altitude of 700 meters, which is considered to be the most favorable for human health, helps to make you feel wonderful. You will see for yourself that the farm air is different. And every season.


Because the ten themed gardens changes according to the season and even in honour of the local holidays. So even if you visit HerbNara multiple times throughout the year, every time you will feel like you are in a different place and you are a hero in a new magic fairy tale. The aromas of herbs and flowers in the air, the flying butterflies, the beautiful arrangement and the wonderful bouquets all add to the atmosphere.


In HerbNara, all the feathers are welcome in addition to humans. For them, the hosts made wooden houses, whole estates and even a bird hotel with a separate room for each inhabitant. On the colourful benches and on the signboards in the garden you will read witty sentiments, and if you want to sit in a pretty meadow or in a colourful gazebo with a book in your hand, you can pick up a one form the nearest purpose-built wooden houses.


On warmer spring and summer days, you can even have a picnic in the middle of the river running on the farm, as the wooden benches are set in the midst of its waters. And as you enjoy your stay here, you have the chance to learn the names of hundreds of flowers, trees and spices. Or get souvenirs, flowers, mini plants, natural cosmetics that make Korea famous all over the world, soaps and all kinds of items that contain dried herbs and flowers.

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