Herbal beer at a festival on the island of St. Anastasia

Herbal beer, mussels, freshly taken from the sea, homemade honey lemonade with fresh mint leaves and folk rituals associated with Midsummer’s Day are some of the pleasant surprises for the guests of Bile Fest, which will be held on June 19, 20 and 21. on the island of St. Anastasia near Burgas. To join the schedule you must make a preliminary reservation for participation by phone 00359 882 004 124. The boat leading to the island will depart from the port of Burgas on Friday at 10, 01: 30 pm and 5 pm. And during the weekend there are two additional courses – at 11:30 and at 3 pm.

On the island you can buy Crimean tea, also called the miracle of Strandzha. The plant is included in the Red Book of Protected Species, but the locals are already growing its cultivated version. According to research, Crimean tea has an antioxidant effect, reduces the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. The participants in the festival will offer the visitors more healthy foods, healing extracts and ointments.

Everyone will be able to buy fresh herbs, beautiful souvenirs and jewelry, shirts with Bulgarian embroidery. The special menu with traditional herbs will be prepared by the island chefs from the restaurant “100 years ago”.

The program on June 19 includes a tasting of Crimean tea, preparation of herbal pearls and demonstration of the ritual for making a ritual Rhodope pie for a newborn, demonstration of products with essential oils, stories about the healing powers of Bulgarian embroidery, presentation of cosmetics.

On the 20th of June you will be able to try fresh mussels, prepared on a tin, herbal beer, as well as to buy souvenirs, herbs and ointments. On the 21st you will be able to get acquainted with the Enyova Bulya ritual, to try bread mixed with yeast, herbs and vegetables, to weave a wreath of herbs or to join in with the performance of Bulgarian music in karaoke.

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