A Historic Amusement Park To Be Built Near Varna

A Historic Amusement Park To Be Built Near Varna

A historic amusement park will be built near the city of Varna. Its construction is associated with a large-scale project of the joint stock company “Istoricheski park” AD. The project is aimed at conserving the Bulgarian spirit and history. It is planned that the park be built on an area of ​​130 decares, located between the Varna villages Vetrino and Neofit Rilski. The park will be the biggest of its kind in Europe and will comprise representations of several significant historical periods from 7000 BC to the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule in 1396. The place where the oldest gold in the world from Varna Chalcolithic necropolis was found will be restored, together with many other sites, including: the oldest stone fortified settlement in Europe, discovered near Provadia (dating back around 4000 years); a palace from the times of Seuthes III; a Thracian cult building Heroon from the necropolis of the Roman town Anchialos; two Thracian tombs – one from Sveshtari and one from Pomorie; the Plovdiv amphitheater, around which will be arranged the statues of 20 Thracian Kings, 20 Thracian gods and the goddess mother Cybele, sitting on a wooden throne.

The historic park will also present the First Bulgarian Empire and the capital Pliska and the Second Bulgarian Empire with the fortress Tsarevets and the royal palace, before which will stand a six-foot statue of Tsar Ivan Asen I.

The total number of sculptures of Bulgarian and Thracian rulers, as well as of Thracian gods will reach 60 items. Most of them will be made of bronze.

According to the plan, five movie theatres will be built, where 3D movies, related to Bulgarian history, will be projected. There will be restaurants offering Thracian, Slavic and Old Bulgarian cuisine.

Upon its opening the park expects to welcome 400,000 tourists annually. Booking hotels in Varna

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