Maxi Hotel in Velingrad reopens on March 18 with a new owner

One of the most luxurious and preferred hotels in the spa capital of Bakanite Velingrad – Maxi Park Hotel and Spa will open its doors to visitors again on March 18. The 5-star jewel of one of the most popular Bulgarian destinations in the last year already has a new owner – the same who also owns two hotels in Sandanski – the 5-star spa hotel Medite and the apart hotel Botanica.

As a compliment to their loyal guests until March 18, everyone who booked a stay at the Maxi Hotel will receive a discount on the price. If the selected period includes weekdays, it will be 20 percent of the reception price and when booking for the weekend, the reduction will be 10 percent of the price.

The 5-star hotel is located in a pine park, on the highest point in Velingrad with a view of the spa capital of the Balkans. The hotel is one of the few that have two completely separate mineral springs with different healing properties. The two outdoor pools, three indoor ones, one of which is with salt water and the huge spa center guarantee you not only relaxation, but also the opportunity to part with a number of ailments, as mineral water cures diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, metabolic and endocrine diseases, of the kidneys and urinary tract, of the digestive and respiratory organs, gynecological, vascular and skin diseases.

A surprise for the guests of the hotel is that one of the two restaurants in it will offer gourmet Rhodope specialties, as the menu will be the work of one of the most famous Bulgarian culinary experts and chefs. The hotel promises to bet in both restaurants on fresh, organic and local products. The whiskey bar will offer a variety of quality drinks, including a selection from the Macallan distillery known for its alcoholic beverages always reaching record prices at auctions around the world.

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