International Cultiral Calendar – Varna 2014

International Cultiral Calendar – Varna 2014



MARCH 14-th of March “INTERNATIONAL SOFIA FILM FEST – VARNA 2014” “International Sofia Film Fest – Varna 2014” will present to the cinema audience of Varna a selected sample from the prestigious 18-th International Sofia film festselection of Bulgarian and foreign films in the Festival and Congress center – Varna. “International Sofia Film Fest – Varna 2014” will present the latest trends of the world, European and Bulgarian cinema.The audience will have the chance to meet the best international authors films for the last year according to 18-th International Sofia Film Fest occupying a worthy of place “top 50” at the international film fests in the world. The major goals of the project are the promotion of the contemporary and author`s cinema in Varna, recognition of Varna as a city with rich cultural and festival history and traditions,the establishment of cinema community in the city and provoking interest to visual arts.

15-th of March – 11-th of April

EUROPEAN MUSIC FESTIVAL – VARNA The festival is established in 2004 by“Elite music” Agency initiative of in partnership with “Kantus firmus”. Its program contains symphony and chamber concerts and recitals. APRIL

30 April – 03 May

SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta The SCF Black Sea Regatta, 30th April until the 28th May 2014, organised by Sail Training International will put the Black Sea on the map for the world’s most notable Tall Ships. The Regatta will visit Varna, Bulgaria (30 April – 04 May); Novorossiysk (9 – 12 May) and Sochi (14 – 19 May) in Russia and Constanta, Romania (26 – 29 May). The Black Sea has plenty of attractions to lure the tall ships and their crews: a beautiful coastline, maritime traditions, friendly people, wonderful nature, vibrant cities and historic architecture.Visitors and participants of this unprecedented sailing event will become a part of various unforgettable activities such as: magnificent parade of sails, crew parades along the city streets, VIP receptions, entertaining activities for children, award ceremonies and incredible fireworks! During the 4-day stay in each port all the vessels will be open for the public. April – May VI CONTEMPO FESTIVAL

The festival “Contempo” is unique of its kind in Bulgaria. It is organized by “Raya Georgieva” foundation supporting young artists till the age of 35 in the field of contemporary art.  More than 300 Bulgarian and foreign actors, curators and experts have been presented to the festival as well.


15 – 18 May XXХV International May Choir Competition “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov” Since 1967 the competition is conducted under the name May choir festival. After the year 1989 the main organizer is the Municipality of Varna with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, the Bulgarian choir union, Union of the Bulgarian composers. Since 1973 it has become famous as International Choir Competition. The competition is member of the International association who bestow The Big European prize for choir singing – “Grand Prix Europe”, that takes place consecutively in Arezzo (Italy), Debrecen (Hungary), Tour (France), Varna (Bulgaria), Tolosa (Spain) and Maribor (Slovenia). The events take place in the Festival and Congress center. 9-11 May


Founed in the 1998 the International music festival “Sea and Memories” is organized by the “Vasil Levski 1945” National Cultural Center with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Varna. ”Sea and Memories” takes place every year in May in the Festival and Congress center – Varna and has to present the popular song in Bulgaria and other countries around the world, also to stimulate the creation and promotion of new songs with nautical theme. 16 – 18 May INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF POPULAR MUSIC “DISCOVERY” The festival is annual and has competitive character for performance of a song and a song from young composers. 20 – 25 May


This is an international project and its start is positioned in Varna in 2007. In the same year is established the Slavic Literary and Artistic Academy as well, which has today affiliates in all 11 slavic countries , also in 5 other european countries. A main object of the forum is rapprochement of the cultural values on the basis of the ancient common language and the cultural heritage of the slavic people. In Varna are awarded the international prizes “Flying feather” and “Atlant of the slavdom”. Festivals like this one are organized in Warsaw, Moskow, Riga, Belgrad and others. They include roundtables, concert programs, author readings, chamber theater productions, exhibitions of translated and published books, exchange between leading art releases in the slavic world. The International Festival of the Poetry takes place annually featuring authors from the most slavic countries – Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia.

May – June


The international photographic salon dates from the year 2003, initially as national and from 2007 – as international photographic salon. It takes place annually. It’s possible to participate as professionals or amateurs from all over the world.


1 -12 June XXII INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL “VARNA SUMMER” The International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer” is the largest international theatre event in Bulgaria. It takes place every year between 1 and 12 of June in Varna during the festivals of arts “Varna Summer”. Its main purpose is to submit the main trends in the Bulgarian and international stage practice and to create some space for intercultural dialogue, exchange and market. The program is built as a mosaic of modules. “Selected Bulgarian Performances” keeps in focus the theatre developments on a Bulgarian stage and brings to light the significant and innovative achievements during the current season. The international program presents leading artists and trends in different types of theater. The parallel program is open to a variety of partnership initiatives, discussions, workshops, theoretical conferences, lectures, presentation of books, exhibitions and concerts. 22 – 28 June INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL “LOVE IS FOLLY” The festival is founded in 1993.The program has a competitive character and includes selected films, produced during the last two years, dealing the theme of love. 14 June – 30 July 88-th INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL “VARNA SUMMER” For ancestors of IMF “Varna Summer” are considered the first Bulgarian folk music celebrations in Varna in 1926. Initiators are the cultural and educationists from Varna – Gercho Gerchev, Ivan Kamburov, Vasil Stavrev, Nayden Naydenov, Yordan Todorov, who found a big support from the composers Dobri Hristov, Pancho Vladigerov, Maestro Georgi Atanasov. After interruption (1932 – 1935) the celebrations continue to 1939 including (in 1938 is the first try for growing of the musical celebrations into international) and then they are suspended because of the coming World War Two. In 1957 the summer musical celebrations of Varna are recovered under the name “Varna Summer”. Attracted are both the best Bulgarian performers and bands and the world famous foreign artists. In 1966 The International music festival “Varna Summer” is approved as an annual. In 1987 was approved in the European Association of Festivals based in Geneva. The overall image of the festival is characterized with the presentation of masterpieces of Bulgarian and world music culture, with many genres purpose and presence of performers with international prestige. Traditionally is the participation of Varna music institutions and famous bulgarian artists and bands, glorified our performing arts. Impressive is the presence of foreign soloists, conductors, symphonic and chamber orchestras, choirs, opera ensembles, ballet groups from world-class. There are many premiere performances and productions in programs. With great interest are met the cycles “Days of the young chamber performer” and “Early music”. Since 1984 within the festival is carried out Summer music academy. The master classes are guided from educators and performers with international prestige. Since 1993 “Varna Summer” enriches his own appearance with scientific meetings. JULY 4 – 11 July


The festival aims to present contemporary film art in Bulgaria, Europe and the world and to support his development creating a favorable environment and a platform for expression and improvement of young film creators. Founded in 2003 it began as competitive forum for student films and today is the biggest and prestigious festival for short film in Bulgaria and the region.Together with the competitive programs the festival is accompanied of parallel shows, training programs, seminars, lectures and master classes. Includes also a qualified market of short films and projects. 27 – 29 July


The International jazz festival “Varna Summer” is founded in 1992 and it takes place annually featuring world-famous musicians from Bulgaria and abroad. Except international joint projects the program of the festival includes also stage for young jazz musicians from Bulgaria. AUGUST 1 – 5 August XII INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL VIDEOHOLICA The festival VIDEOHOLICA is designed as video art forum with an international participation, which has to present to the audience and guests of Varna one remarkable and highly valuable program of video art works. In parallel with video art shows of VIDEOHOLICA, the events of festival includes exhibitions, discussions and seminars, concerning the video art, featuring established local and international art professionals and honored video artists. Videoholica is carried out in traditional gallery spaces in Varna or in nontraditional public spaces as well, new as environment for the contemporary art or where it is little known. The festival is addressed both to the professional public and to an audience which had no contact with the contemporary art until now and which was prompted through organized events to search new meaning and identity among the unknown for her until now creative environment. The festival VIDEOHOLICA presents achievements of established authors as well as allows the expression to young artists, working in the field of contemporary art, who possess professional qualities and their work features an original creative language. 1 – 7 August


Forum of the Monodrama

1 – 21 August


The International Fair Arts and Crafts is a big art exhibition. Is carried out every year in August in Varna. 3 – 7 August


IFF “Varna Summer” was established in 1992 on initiative of the Municipality of Varna. Is takes place every year in the first week of August. Under statute, those who are eligibile to participate are ensembles in the categories youth and adults from all around the world, also groups for authentic folklore.


10 – 14 September VІІ INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE animated FILM The festival was founded in 1979 on initiative of the International Association for Animated Cinema.



The festival was founded in 1961. Is takes place every year until 1974, except 1965 when a Balkan film festival was organized once only. The first edition includes feature, documentary, popular science and cartoons. A special jury determine awards for a: best film on contemporary themes, best scenario, direction, cinematography, best performance of male and female role and others. Booking hotels in Varna

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