Japan and Paris joined the war against Airbnb

After several municipalities in Spain and the Netherlands have decided to introduce restrictions on the online platform Airbnb, the war against the renting of private houses from tourists is continued by Japan and the French capital Paris. The authorities in the country of the rising sun have adopted a law that the owners of homes given through the platform must register according to the hotel rules. The offered for rent houses must, therefore, have an emergency exit and have reached an appropriate level of fire safety.

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In this way, 80 % of the apartments given by the platform is now out of the law. And tourists in Japan will be able to rent only 13,800 homes, while only a month ago on the market operated more than 62,000. In addition, a limit would be introduced and the owners will be able to rent their houses for a maximum of 180 days a year.

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The French capital Paris also introduces restrictions on the work of the platform. Authorities put a limit on renting the homes up to 120 days a year. Airbnb is also being sued because 42,000 of the Paris-based homes are unregistered with the authorities. And do not pay taxes and fees respectively.

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The Paris authorities insist that these 42,000 homes be removed from the platform. In addition, they have fined Airbnb between $ 1,200 and $ 6,200 for each home without a tax number available for rent. In January, the company had to wipe out 3,000 homes from her San Francisco platform. These are half of the homes that were offered in the American city, and the reasons were similar laws.

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