Listen to jazz in the Rhodope Mountains

On the 28th of July at 8 pm, you will have the unique chance to listen to famous Bulgarian and foreign artists in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. At the peak of Perelik above Smolyan will be held Jazz Festival Perelik. The entrance to the concerts is completely free.

The Jazz Fest will start with the voice of the young hope of the Bulgarian music scene Miroslava Todorova, which astonished everyone in the TV reality X Factor with her performances. After that, Hetty and the Jazzato band will be on the stage. The band brings together artists from Italy and the UK and performs swing and retro jazz pieces. Kunh Fu includes musicians from Germany, Israel, Turkey and the UK who skillfully mix different styles of music.

Ritmo Negros performs music with African and Peruvian roots inspired by the Andes, as the performers themselves are Peruvians. The Turumtay Zaric duo Austrians are betting on the Balkan sound of the combination of violin and accordion. Vivo Montana’s musicians will surely make you stand up to your feet with their brass music. They are also the last performers in the jazz fest program.

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I love to travel because of the encounters with diverse people and cultures and the chance to touch other worlds. And this can happen even without leaving the borders of your own country. For example, at a festival, you can travel thousands of years and dozens of borders without leaving your place. For me, the journey is not only beautiful landscapes and ancient landmarks but also thousands of human stories. Let's learn them together.