Join a free trip near Vratsa

You can fully participate in a one-day excursion to explore the beauties of Vratsa Balkan Nature Park. The initiative is of the Directorate of the park and the Natura Nature Conservation Center. Short excursions will take place on Saturday, with all of them aged more that 7 to 8 years old who have the strength to walk through the trails.


The groups will always be accompanied by a professional mountain guide who will take care of tourists’ safety. The first outing will take place on 2 June. It will start from Vratsa and will continue to Okolchitsa peak and back. The participants in the pass will also attend the All-Holy Pilgrimage of Okolchitsa peak. The beginning of the excursion is at 8:30 a.m. in front of Nature Conservation Center “Natura”.


On June 10, anyone can join the transition to the tallest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula Skaklya. At June 24th will be held free pictorial walk along the Borov Kamak eco path. Transitions are about 6 hours long, and for all the guests are required comfortable hiking shoes, long trousers, raincoat, dry food, and water.

borov kamak
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