Music, skate competitions and retro bikes on Kapana Fest in Plovdiv

For a fourth consecutive year in Plovdiv starts Kapana Fest. It will be held from 14th to October 16th. The party this year will be as usual around the music scenes on which will perform for  a  first time foreign artists. In this case – from 6 countries. On scene “Kernel” during the three days of the festival you can hear The Brass Association of  The State Opera- Plovdiv, Peyo Peev, Petar Ralchev Nedialko Nedelyakov and Angel Dimitrov, the new ethno Project of Nina Nikolina and Kalin Velyov, Dj Aftereight, Krekhaus Jam, Koka Mass Jazz Hungarians from Meszecsinka.

kapana fest plovdiv

The fans of the rock music can enjoy RoadkillSoda from Romanis, House of Broken Promises – US, Sinoptik from Ukraine, Battlex from Slovenia, Last Hope, Faded Square, Nu / Ance, Colapso, Oddcrew and Panican Whyasker. On the acoustic scene will perform The Teachers, Loco Mosquito, Victor & Nixon Acoustic, JCI Culture bites & vibes. There will be a party every night on the street scene with music and dance workshops, DJ parties and hip hop culture.

kapana fest plovdiv

The visitors will be able to see also an exhibition of vintage and rare motorcycles. Three screens will broadcast selected films and videos representing the street culture and the different workshops will be open to everyone. Again various artists will present their art. Each visitor will have the chance to take a vintage picture with on technology used in the 19th century.

kapana fest plovdiv

During the festival there will again be built a skate area, where beginners will be able to steal tricks and the advanced skaters to compete in races. The visitors of Kapana Fest will be able to get in shape with different exercises. If you love handmade things you will have a chance to find your treasure in the bazaar of the event.

kapana fest plovdiv
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