The Kite festival begins in Varna

This year again will be held the Kite festival in Varna. On 13th and 14th of August the guests of the town will be able to enjoy hundreds of colorful kites flying over Asparuhovo beach. The dates for the event are not selected randomly. The festival is a part of the celebrations for the town holiday of Varna on 15th of  August 15. The organizers of the event are Varna Municipality and the Club ” Asto – Air miracles” .


The participants in the event won’t be only from Bulgaria. Their kites will show partakers from Turkey , Holland, Ukraine, Romania and other countries. During the festival will be held various training and competitions with flying objects. Also will be selected the most attractive model kite.


The visitors of the festival will enjoy also different musical and dance performances, mini concerts and art ateliers. If you love taking pictures you can take part in workshop for reportage photography ” Air miracles – Varna 2016 ” . The best photos will be included in a traveling exhibition .

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