In Kosharitsa there is a festival of sausages

Again in the village of Kosharitsa, Nessebar municipality will be held the festival of sausages on January 14th. The local residents will make the best meat delicacies and sausages, will compete for the best taste and the winner will get a prize. Even if you do not participate in the competition, you can certainly try the sausages with which the village is famous. The beginning of the festival is at lunch in front of the town hall in Kosharitsa.

Kosharitsa festival sausages

It is in the square in the center of the village that you can taste the homemade sausages. Naturally together with local wine. Like every feast, there is a musical program of local amateurs, and the guests of the festival will also be able to listen to the original song about the local sausages that was invented a few years ago for the event.

Kosharitsa festival sausages

The village of Kosharitsa is a tourist destination, and in it, houses have bought many foreigners and Bulgarians because of its close proximity to the resort Sunny Beach. From the houses, there is a view of old Nessebar and Pomorie. Beside Kosharitsa there is the Kalinata Nature Reserve, where you can see a marsh snowdrop and a unique dense forest. Above the village passes the air path of the migrating birds Via Pontica.

Kosharitsa festival sausages
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