Kukove mummers Festival begins in Rakovski

Masked men, women and children will chase the evil forces away with their terrible masks and the sound of bells in Rakovski on Feb. 10. Then the city will host the International Kukove mummers Festival. Participation in it was declared by the mummers group “Rogach” at the community center in the village of Oborishte, mummers group from the village of Elshitsa and the amateurs from the folk ensemble “Zvezditza cleargreen”.

rakovski mummers

The festival will begin on February 9 with a concert of amateur groups from Rakovski and the region and performances of Lyuben Karavelov High School in Plovdiv. From 11 a.m. on February 10th, at the “Europe” Square in Rakovski, you can witness a race gala at the festival, which will end with a parade. A special jury will evaluate the masks, and a prize pool is provided for the winners.

rakovski mummers

The audience and the participants will rejoice with the Young Thracians orchestra, headed by Bozhidar Strehin. The festival also featured groups from abroad. The holiday is the second largest after the masquerade festival in Pernik, the organizers recall.

rakovski mummers
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