Laugh in the museum of Trojan with old ads

The Bulgarians in the beginning of the 20th century were enterprising. But if you visit the museum of art and applied crafts in the center of Troyan, you will be personally convinced. Besides the unique collections of ceramics you will find there authentic ads from the period between the 20s and 40s of last century.


The owners of accommodation facilities and establishments of that time were among the modern entrepreneurs who are looking for clients through tiny boxes in the newspapers. They were promising comfort and cleanliness, good service and to take care for the companions of the guests – at that time the cattle, for reduced prices.


The coffe shops even have to advertise the fact that they will not become a reason or excuse for the men to get drunk  and emphasize that they have the support of the temperance society.


From the other ads of that period we can learn a lot about the values and the life Trojans at the time. Enjoy them.

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