The Lavender Festival begins in Karlovo

On the 22nd and 23rd of June in Karlovo will take place a lavender festival. The guests of the city will be able to have fun, buy and try products based on lavender. During the two days of the holiday will be opened the lavender alley, where you can meet  producers and their products. The festival will start with a children’s lavender show from 10 am on June 22 in the “July 20” square.


The ritual of lavender rearing will be presented in the tourist complex “Ancient Karlovo” from 09.30 am on the 23rd of June. The program will continue with a demonstration of lavender boiling and extraction of essential oil, as well as tasting products based on the purple plant. In addition, the feast of herbs – Enyovden will be celebrated.


Everyone will be able to participate in the lavender procession that will start from the tourist complex “Ancient Karlovo” will pass on “Vasil Levski” street and will reach “July 20th”. At 11 am there will be held the folklore festival “With Horo of Lavender”. At 6pm a gala concert of the best performers of traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dances is provided. At 7 pm, the festive entertainment program begins and the Deep Zone Project concert is scheduled for 8 pm.

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