Learn the secrets of making Kalofer’s lace in Sofia

If you want to learn the secrets of Kalofer’s lace and get valuable advice from craftsmen, you have this chance on February 9th in Sofia. Demonstrations are part of the additional events at the exhibition “Who creates and who uses lace”, which will be presented until May 20 in five halls on the first floor of the Knyazhev Palace in the Bulgarian capital. Besides Bulgarian lace, you can also see masterpieces from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

lace exhibition Sofia

The exhibition is organized by the National Ethnographic Museum, together with the Sadyanka group. The exposition tells the makers of lace in the past and today, shows the application of this type of handicraft in different countries, seeks its place in the fashion of clothing and home. Special space is dedicated to designer clothing by Bulgarian and foreign modellers.

lace exhibition Sofia

As an independent accent in the exhibition stands out the presentation of the Bulgarian trace in the shuttle lace – the organization and existence of the Kalofer lacy school (1910-1933). It is here at the beginning of the twentieth century that lace-making became a livelihood that inherited the skill of Kalofer from the Renaissance period for fine knitting braids. A number of master classes will be held during the event, the first of which is on 9 February. Then an adult or child can try to learn basic principles of lace making.

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