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In case we trust the saying that “Every cloud has a silver lining” we try, we can find the positive sides of the pandemic. The COVID-19, despite the imposed social distance, brought us closer to the beloved people, made us better and more tolerant and gave us the “home office” as a gift. Until two years ago working from home was an exception, but now working not from the office but from different parts of the world has become the norm. That is why we want to recommend you a wonderful place for a home office in Bulgaria.

Who does not dream of working in nature? And in the “lunch break” or in the minutes before the madness in the virtual office to drink a nice coffee in the fresh air. Houses The legends in the village of Belomuzhite turned out to be the right choice for such a working week. In the morning, before working hours, you can take a walk in the woods, enjoy the last autumn leaves, the clear streams and the incredible colours of autumn in the mountain near Gabrovo. The advantage of the houses is that the forest literally starts from the yard.

legendsThe village itself is tucked away at the foot of the mountain, and the inhabited homes in it are few and far between. Apart from the two guest houses in the village, there are only two or three houses – bought by English families or wealthy Bulgarians, in which people do not live all year round. Nearby is the home of the owner of the “Legends” – the Bulgarian handball legend Rositsa Bakardzhieva. Her house is both at arm’s length, so that if you call her on the phone when something is needed, she is always nearby, but far enough away that you feel completely alone in the woods.

The two houses of The Legends are modernly furnished, with very comfortable, beautiful and at the same time practical furniture. The first thing we did immediately on our first visit was to ask where the sofa, coffee table and glasses were bought from, in order to get them as well. Admittedly, we were surprised to hear the prices, which fully explain the comfort, but it is too unusual to furnish your guest houses with boutique and quality, and not cheap furniture. Well, we weren’t the first to book three nights and stay a week until the people on the next booking had to take over our personal paradise.

The advantage is that in both houses pets of all types and calibers are allowed. And the yard is really huge and suitable for playing with kids who can jump on a trampoline, swing or find their own activities, and for running dogs. In the winter, improvised sleigh competitions are held in the yard.

Both houses have four bedrooms, where can be added extra beds for children and have a large common room with fireplace. The price for a house with a capacity of 8 adults plus children is BGN 290 during the week (approximately 145 Euro) and BGN 350 (approximately 175 Euro) during the weekend. There is no charge for extra beds for children or pets. For longer stays you can negotiate discounts with the hosts. So you have a choice – to be alone or to have fun together. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. In the houses there are conditions for cooking, as well as two outdoor barbecues, where you can continue the party or make a fragrant grill. They are furnished with utensils and utensils so that you do not carry them from the houses, even if they are very close.

The village can be reached by an asphalt road. There are also generators in case the power goes out, so that nothing disturbs your comfort. The internet is fast enough to work, and in your free time you can walk around. Among the stops we recommend are the brewery for Belgian kraft beer in Tryavna, the architectural reserve Bozhentsi, Gabrovo with its museums, Dryanovo and the Dryanovo monastery, the Bacho Kiro cave. You can also ask the hosts for additional options, although from experience – both times we were in The Legends we had big plans for sightseeing, but we did not want to leave the houses and the forest, so we postponed most for next time. And there will probably be one, as you will see for yourself, once you decide to stay in The Legends.

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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.