The Legends – modern country houses with a yard for sledding

If you are looking for a place for a relaxing holiday, close to the forest, in the mountains, with its own space and slopes for sledding in the yard, with modern furniture and everything you need for companies and families with children, then houses Tнe Legends in the village Belomuzhite are just for you. They are located about 13 km in the mountains above Gabrovo, and the road there is quite decent. It is cleaned in winter.

legendsFrom our experience – go either through Dryanovo or through the village of Donino, as the second route the main but steeper than the road through Dryanovo and Tsareva Livada. There is a third option – if you come from Bozhentsi to stop through the village of Haracheri. In winter, however, this option is not suitable – the road is narrow, often slippery and uncleaned.

legendsOnce you load the car, the children, the dog or other pets that are welcome in the Legends and reach the village a minute from its center is your destination. There are two houses, each with four rooms for two, each room  with bathroom and toilet, as well as common areas. In the upper house there is a large dining room with kitchen and fireplace, and in the lower house there is even a bar

A barbecue has also been considered, which will probably be a very good idea in the summer evenings. The houses are furnished with taste and a little bit of fun ideas, and each room has a name and a theme to which it is dedicated. The rooms are warm and cozy, not only because the hosts make sure you have firewood in the common room and enjoy the fire with a glass of wine in hand, but also because there is underfloor heating that allows you to walk around in a T-shirt and socks while enjoy the white snow outside.

legendsThere are cooking conditions in the houses, so you better bring some food with you. Of course, there is also the option to order from nearby restaurants and have them delivered to you on the spot. But at least the appetizers are not superfluous to be with you. Among the options offered by the hosts are baskets of home-made products from nearby villages – lyutenitsa, pickles, pickles, sausages, cheese, butter and natural rural products in general, which are sold at no extra charge, at producer price, to stimulate local people. You can also buy from the Legends with home-made artistic and colored soaps and liquid soaps. First you can try them as they are put in all the bathrooms of the houses.

legendsThe houses are almost directly in the forest, and besides the fact that children are dying to go sledding on the snowy hills in the yard, you can walk in the mountains or choose to stop at Bozhentsi, Tryavna, Dryanovo with Dryanovo Monastery or Bacho Kiro Cave, explore Gabrovo or just relax in front of the fireplace, staring at the cable TV or surfing the net. We only warn you about a big minus. Then you will not wish to leave at all.

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