Listen to jazz under the stars

If you want to be an audience of an unconventional concert and hear the biggest jazz stars of Bulgaria, not in a dusty hall or restaurant, but under the starry sky, do not miss the concert on June 23rd. The beginning is from 7 pm next to  Gavanitsa cave on the fabulous Dеvetashko plateau. The meadow where you can feel the music against the setting sun is located near Gorsko Slivovo.


The entrance of the event is completely free of charge. There is also a gem session in the village of Karpachevo. It begins at 10 pm. The ever-smiling Hilda Kazasyan and Mimi Nikolova will take part in the event with their incredible voices. The other vocals you can enjoy are Vesela Morova, Nasko Kulinski, Boryana Yordanova, Yanko Yankov, Nevilian Gemyjev, Konstantin Beikov, Pavlin Pavlov, Prof. Vladimir Radulov, Alexander Kumanov.

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You will also be able to hear the Spectrum ensemble, the performances of Nedyalko Nedyalkov’s kaval, Vassil Enchev’s saxophone, the trumpets of Ventsislav Blagoev and Georgi Agatov, the piano of Zhivko Petrov and Atanas Miladinov, guitar, banjo and ukulele by Emanuel Locio, Dimitar Blagoev , Peter Terziev and Velizar Gichev. Behind the busts will be Dimitar Karamfilov and Mihail Ivanov-Misho. Dimitar Uzunov will play Dimitar Uzunov on drums, Dimitar Semov, Nevena Grigorova and Stefan Goranov.

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