Listen to the new Bulgarian folk music in Chepelare

Once again fans of the Bulgarian rhythms will have a meeting in Chepelare. On June 16, at the heart of the Orpheus Mountain, the final concert of the Seventh National Competition “New Bulgarian Music in the Size of 7/8” will take place. Then the guests of the picturesque Rhodope Town will be able to hear the 12 finalists in both categories – instrumental and vocal works. The concert will be free for the audience.


The new folklore works will be presented by the BNR Folk Music Orchestra conducted by Dimitar Hristov and The Cosmic Voices Choir with conductor Vanya Moneva. The prize pool for the participants is 10 000 BGN /approximately 5000 Euro/and is provided by the “St. Georgi Pobedonosets” foundation- Baltimore, USA. The finalists are selected by a 5-member jury. In it are the folk singer Tatiana Serbian, Prof. Dimitrina Kaufman, Georgi Andreev, Prof. Nikolay Stoykov and Assoc. Prof. Ivan Deliradev.


In the vocal category will be played the songs “In the village haidouti” and “Vrit is gathered” by Iliyan Yurochki, “Lazarka” and “Prolet” by Julian Slabakov, “Oy Yano, Denichko” by Nikolay Gurbanov and “Ludo Biele” of the Duet  Crystals. Among the instrumentals that the audience will hear in Chepelare are “Devoiko, is it you?” By Borislav Galabov, “Waste Calves” by Vasil Notetekov, “Graovski Horo” by Kiril Notetekov, “Gankina” by Plamen Dobrev , “Merry Coping” by Ralph Averyson and “Vlasko” by Angel Chakarov.

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