A live pig for the master of the most delicate bacon is given in Apriltsi

For the ninth time in Apriltsi, the feast of the bacon and the brandy will be held. The fun will be on the square in the centre of the city on March 2. Visitors will be able to taste dishes from the region and get to know the traditions and customs of Apriltsi. In addition, they will have the chance to taste the “Granny dish” prepared with 30 kilograms of bacon, 500 eggs and 30 kilograms of leeks in a huge pan.

Apriltsi bacon feast

Like every year of the feast, the local cooks will have a contest. The winner of the tender for the most delicate bacon will grab the big prize – live piglet. Surprises and diplomas are also provided for the greatest masters in the contests for the most original dish prepared with bacon, the most attractive appetizer, arranged by the bacon and for the most aromatic, ideal of a degree and a delicious homemade brandy.

Apriltsi bacon feast

In addition, visitors to the festival will be able to buy delicacies and souvenirs for home from the numerous stands that offer traditional products and souvenirs related to Bulgarian folklore. The good mood of the present will raise the singer Raiko Kirilov, orchestras, dancing formations and performers of folk and other music.

Apriltsi bacon feast
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