Lonely Planet recommends a trip to Bulgaria in October

The tourist guide Lonely Planet recommends to its readers a trip to Bulgaria in October. Is a good time to visit the southwest of the country, according to the site. Lonely Planet suggests that the mandatory first stop on your journey must be the future European Capital of Culture in 2019 – Plovdiv. The ancient city on the seven hills is full of art galleries, bohemian cafes and impressive architecture of the 19th century and offers a very interesting walk through history, says the guidebook.


They recommend your journey to continue through the Rila Monastery in the Rila mountain. There you can get acquainted with the teachings of St. Ivan Rilski, to see the unique colorful murals in the monastery and to stroll through the 1000-year-old birch forest to the cave where has lived St Ivan Rilski.

rilski manastir

For the fans of good food and drinks the guidebook recommends a stop in the smallest town in Bulgaria – Melnik. There you can take pictures of preserved Renaissance houses and sand pyramids. From the guidebook advise to try the typical local wine and the favorite of Winston Churchill – Shiroka Melnishka Loza. Or just to explore the huge underground cellar of the former wine merchant – Kordopulov house.


According to the newspaper your journey should end with the mountain landscape and the typical restaurants in Bansko.

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My greatest pleasure in life is to travel. Undoubtedly there are a lot of amazing places around the world worth visiting at least once in life. However, Bulgaria is such a place where you will wish to come back again and again. In every season and every region of this small country, you can find unique wonders. So share my travels.