Madrid with restrictions against Airbnb

Authorities in the Spanish capital Madrid have decided to introduce strict restrictions on the rented private homes through shared use platforms and leased through Airbnb. This happens only a few weeks after another Spanish resort – Palma de Mallorca, bans the rental of apartments to tourists. Valencia also has forbidden to offer apartments with the best views in the city. The measures being prepared by the Madrid authorities will prohibit the letting of 95% of the properties offered by the Airbnb platform in the city.


If the proposed measures are adopted, it will be forbidden to give whole buildings as housing for tourists unless they have a hotel license, writes The Local Spain. In addition, the Madrid capital has temporarily suspended tourist licenses for one year.


Apartments in Madrid will be rented to tourists for up to 90 days a year. In addition, buildings, where there are any such dwellings, will have to have separate entrances for tourists and permanent residents. In the central historical zone will be possible to rent through the platforms, only houses on the ground floor, which are only 6% of the offered to the tourists at present.

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