Map shows all the prices of umbrellas and sunbeds on the Bulgarian beaches

The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism published a map that shows all the prices of umbrellas and sunbeds on the Bulgarian beaches. So anyone can count his budget and to decide where he prefers to collect tan.


In the future the interactive map will include also an information on available parking lots and the prices for leaving your car there. The data will be updated periodically. 


From the map you can check for example the prices on the “Silistar”. If you do so you will know that to rent an umbrella or sunbed costs 5 leva for each / or approximately 2,5 euro/. If you prefer to enjoy the sea in the camping “South”, which is situated between Kiten and Lozenec, you should pay 7 leva / approximately 3,5 euro/ for each sunbed and umbrella. On the beach of Duni resort, if you are not a guest of the hotels, you have to pay 7 leva for umbrella / approximately 3,5 euro/ and 9 leva for the lounge /approximately 4,5 euro/. The popular camping “Goldfish” charges for every summer accessory 8 leva / approximately 4 euro/. On the beach in Varna umbrellas cost 4 leva /approximately 2 euro/and a lounge can be rented or 5 leva /approximately 2,5 euro/.  In Krapec for an umbrella with two sunbeds you will pay 10 leva altogether  or approximately 5 euro/

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