Heroes come alive on March 3 on Shipka peak

As usual, this year on March 3rd on Shipka peak will be celebrated the national holiday of Bulgaria. On the heroic place took place the most epic battle for the freedom of Bulgaria. About 7500 Bulgarian volunteers with little weapons, stones, and trees protect the peak from the 27,000 heavily armed Turkish armies. So the heroes stop the path of the Ottomans to North Bulgaria sacrificing their lives.

shipka 3 mart

Every year, their heroism recalls on March 3rd. At 8:30 a.m. in the monastery “Rozhdestvo Hristov” in Shipka will be held a memorial service in memory of the Bulgarians, Russians, Finns and other nationalities who died for the freedom of Bulgaria. At 11:30 a.m. begins the celebration in the square below the peak with pronouncing speeches and concert program. At 01:00 p.m. is the ceremony of laying wreaths at the monument of Freedom on the peak.

shipka 3 mart

Traditionally on this day, you can check free the museum at the top of the peak. To get in time for the celebrations, however, you should keep in mind that the road to Shipka is closed for vehicles. So you have to climb the last few hundred meters, and if you are late kilometers on foot towards Shipka. So you have to keep that in mind and to calculate your time properly. On March 3rd you can take also pictures at the dressed in militia uniforms and as the heroes from the past.


shipka 3 mart
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