Mariyana Nikolova: The border crossing between Rudozem and Xanthi is key for tourism

Completion of the border crossing between Rudozem and Xanthi is crucial for tourism. This became clear from the words of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariyana Nikolova, who checked the progress in the construction of the facility.

The new facility will play an important role in improving the connection and will help businesses on both sides of the border, it became clear from Nikolova’s words. The Minister of Tourism commented that the crisis with the company will pass and the family will move without restrictions. We must continue with the construction of roads and highways in order to improve transport connectivity, the economy and to facilitate the access of tourists in our country. And Podopite is a region with a huge potential for development and we must work for its popularization, added Minister Nikolova.

She reminded that realisationzipaneto na dalgoochaĸvaniya ppopycĸatelen pynĸt c Gaptsiya “Pydozem – Kcanti” and na infpactpyĸtypata Until nego ctpyvat blizo 40 million. Evpo as spedctvata ca ocigypeni in low ppoeĸt “Πodobpyavane na tpancgpanichnata doctapnoct.” In 2019, the Council of Ministers will provide an additional BGN 18.45 million, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Minister explained that all types of transportation are expected to pass through the bridge, which will be of great benefit for the development of trade, business and well-being. New jobs will be opened, which will have a positive impact on economic development in the region.

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