Massage with hot peppers saves from cellulite

If you want to win the battle against the cellulite give yourself a massage with hot peppers oil. The procedure is part of a Bulgarian spa therapy. In the practiced Slavic ritual is included also a massage with wooden spoons. They serve as a substitute for cups. The procedure is accompanied by typical moves. Furthermore, the procedure includes a treatment of the body with native Bulgarian cosmetics based on traditional herbs. In addition to eliminating cellulite the procedure has a detoxifying effect.


Spa therapies that are based on Bulgarian traditions are becoming more popular,explained representatives from the largest company that creates programs for spa and balneology in Bulgaria during the Third Annual Congress of the Bulgarian Union of spa and balneo tourism, which was held in St. St. Konstantin and Elena. “Whenever I would prefer to try therapies that use herbs or typical cosmetics of the country that I am visiting instead of famous and uniform spa procedures throughout the world”. That were the words of Csila Mezösi  by  the European Spas Association.


Among other Bulgarian spa therapies is becoming more common the massage with typical Rhodope tiles. They are suitable for procedures because of their unique shape,explained the professionals. The heated tiles can be used to massage as like in the similar procedure with volcanic stones. The ritual combines also cleaning the body with a tonic of rose water and relaxation with herbal bundles combining traditional for Bulgaria scents such as rose, rosemary, linden and chamomile.

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