Medal of Ravadinovo by the King of Belgium

Another world award was given to the In love with the wind in Ravadinovo. The owner, designer and landmark inspirer Georgi Tumpalov was awarded a Medal of Belgium for his participation in building an attractive image of Europe as a tourist destination. The honor was given in the Bulgarian palace to Tumpalov personally by the President of Best European Destinations Maximilien Lejeune.

castle Ravadinovo

The Medal was created in 1908 and is listed in the official register of the Kingdom of Belgium awards. It is awarded only on the personal will of the King. The medal can be awarded to citizens of the Kingdom and, in very rare cases, to foreigners. It is ranked third in the list of state royal awards, after the medals Leopold I and the Medal of the Crown.

ravadinovo castle

We are proud to serve this order, in the name of King Leopold, who was also a builder, to Mr. Tmpapalov, who managed to build his dream and turn it into a successful tourist destination, said Lejeune. Just days ago, In love with the wind in Ravadinovo was ranked third in Europe for castles, which are leading tourist attractions in the Best European Destinations competition.

ravadinovo castle

In the ranking, the Bulgarian attraction overcame world-famous castles and palaces like Windsor in England and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The Bulgarian Castle has regularly won first place in a number of other world competitions and rankings.


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