M E D I A M I X X 2012 International Festival and Congress In Media We Trust 10 – 13 June 10 2012 Albena

M E D I A M I X X  2012 International Festival & Congress In Media We Trust 10 – 13 June 10  2012 Albena

18th edition of the International Media Forum “Mediamixx 2012” will be held from 10 to 13 June 2012 in hotel “Flamingo” in Albena resort.

Hotel Flamingo Grand, Albena

Hotel Flamingo Grand, Albena

This year “Mediamixx” , the festival known forms are separated in two completely new festivals: Cross Media Festival and the Festival Awards for Bulgarian TV series. 1. Cross Media Festival: Cross Media Awards bring together the interests of all media and aim to show how an idea can unite the diversity of different media, according to their specific requirement. The new competitive model encourages integrated thinking, creativity and use of digital innovation in the media and everything that connects them. 2. “Golden Umbrella” awards for best TV series. TV serials are increasingly characterized as a major segment in the content of modern television. The high quality products and activity of the audience put the challenge to allow professional assessment of these products. The festival provides three types of voting, which include awards “Golden Umbrella” set by the International Jury and “Golden Crown” Guild Award , set by people belonging to the media community. The third type of awards will be determined by SMS voting in April, May and June. They will be determined by the mass audience for Favorite Series, Favorite Actor Award and Favorite Actress Award. Within the “Mediamixx 2012” is provided and meeting area – will be placed problematic topics for discussion in professional circles, concentrated in congress panels in festival days. Additional awards:

  • Smart Investor Award – smart investment in the media business.
  • Cross Country Award – for contribution for the development of international communications and business between the countries
  • Award of the hosts – the sea resort of Albena
  • Award for overall contribution to the development of the media business


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