No mineral pools this summer

According to the first recommendations for opening hotels in Bulgaria after the state of emergency, prepared by the Ministry of Tourism, only outdoor swimming pools will work this summer, but they have to be without mineral water. This is recorded in a preliminary version of a document sent for approval to the industry. According to it, outdoor pools will have to have a chlorine content of 0.4-0.5 milligrams per liter. Before entering the pool, each guest will have to disinfect their hands, the project says. The animation activities in the resorts will also be held only outdoors, and the distance between the individual guests is mandatory.

According to the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, the hygiene in the accommodation should be increased, as the rooms are carefully cleaned after each guest and special attention is paid to the contact surfaces. But there is no mandatory requirement for a certain period of leaving one guest and accommodating another. On the other hand, the toilet in the common areas, provided for use by all guests, will have to be cleaned and disinfected after each client. It is recommended not to use hair dryers and to clean the air conditioners thoroughly. Ventilate the premises at every opportunity, provide disinfectants in the site, and provide each guest with a mask and a number of protective gloves. Hotels will have to have a constant availability of masks with 10 percent more than the accommodated guests.


In addition, each hotel will need to prepare an operation plan and determine how many customers it will meet so as to guarantee the distance. Quarantine facilities must also be set up, and staff will need to monitor for signs of illness in guests. There will be no coffee machines or other self-service appliances and “all inclusive” in its current form in restaurants and bars. Meals will be served upon prior request or from a buffet, to which only staff have access to complete portions. The tables will not accommodate more than 4 people, if not from one family and they will be distant from each other. It is also recommended not to serve food and drinks to external visitors in the hotel establishments.


Washing according to one of the instructions should be done at 60 degrees, but in another text of the same document it is clear that the washing temperature should be done for at least 20 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees. Hotel staff will be instructed to wash their hands frequently, disinfect regularly and follow the recommendations provided. In the case of an infected tourist, there will be response procedures, which include notification to the health services, quarantine in a designated room and disinfection of the places where the guest has stayed longer, with the exception of common areas and corridors, which he he has not used or has rarely resided, the instructions s

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