Monument of MacGahan will be found in Sofia

Monument to the legendary American journalist Januarius MacGahan will be opened in Sofia on 12 June. The military correspondent changed with his materials the policy of the Great Powers for the future of the then Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire and thus somewhat decided during the Russo-Turkish war. The bloody and true reports from Bulgaria and all the cruelty of the Ottoman  Empire changed the policy of Britain and it didn’t participate in the war fighting for the Ottomans.

MacGahan monument Sofia

Unlike the very MacGahan who volunteered and subsequently died for the Bulgarian freedom days before he turned 34 years after being infected by typhoid at the front. Monument to MacGahan in Sofia will be erected for the 173rd anniversary of the birth of the American journalist of Irish origin. It will rise to the street in the capital city that bears his name.

MacGahan monument Sofia

For the ceremony in the country will arrive 16 descendants of MacGahan from the US. Moreover, the grandchildren of the journalist will make a tour of the country in the footsteps of their illustrious predecessor. They will visit Varshets, Elena, Pleven and its Panorama, Tryavna, the ethnographic museum Etura near Gabrovo, Shipka, and the temple-monument “Nativity”. Then the journey will continue to Veliko Tarnovo. In the city, they will visit the fortress “Tsarevets”. The tour continues to Aheloy, Nessebar, Pomorie, the castle “In love with the wind” near Ravadinovo, Plovdiv, Perushtitsa, Batak, and Sofia.

MacGahan monument Sofia

The visit of the heirs of MacGahan, construction, and placement of the monument is organized by the foundation “We, Bulgarians abroad” and its chairman Michael Tomov. The foundation hopes that the journalist will be honored posthumously with the medal “Stara Planina” I degree, and the event will be under the patronage of the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. The foundation plans to develop and placed the second monument MacGahan, but the city with the biggest Bulgarian diaspora abroad – Chicago. Next year, when Bulgaria celebrates 140 years since its liberation, marks 140 years since the death of the journalist. In 2015, the Foundation already has given and rose in the US city Chicago also the monument of the national hero Vasil Levski.

MacGahan monument Sofia
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