The three most extreme water fun to try this summer

Extreme water fun has already gained immense popularity around the world, including in Bulgaria. So don’t forget to take advantage of them this summer. Here are some great ideas.

How to make summer unforgettable?

Naturally, summer vacations are mainly related to water. What else will help you cool down in the heat, refresh and cheer up and truly enjoy life?

No doubt, summer, with its abundance of sunny days, offers wonderful opportunities for water fun. That’s when all families prefer to visit the water parks and experience great adventures in an extreme and at the same time completely safe environment.


Aqua park Nessebar

Whether you visit pools for water treatments or bet on extreme water slides, the time spent in the amazing atmosphere of the water park is always remembered for a long time.

Banish boredom and let your emotions take over by betting on a similar summer destination. You will witness unique attractions and amazing experiences. You will be able to satisfy your thirst for water adventures, cool off and feel more alive than ever.

Summer is unforgettable when it leaves us with unforgettable memories. So you should not miss the opportunity to experience the most exciting moments you could imagine. Life is too short to postpone the joy for later. Experience your extreme summer now with the extreme water entertainment that Aquapark Nessebar offers you. They do not require you to have any special training, but only desire and courage. And most importantly, you can have fun and be safe at the same time. There are many ideas and we can’t list them all, but we can introduce you to some of the most exciting and tempting, so you can choose among them the ones that will bring you the most joy.



Parasailing can be considered a non-standard type of water entertainment. The feeling is unique – you fly with a parachute and catch up with the boat that pulls it. Such a spectacle is somewhat similar to water skiing, but to achieve even greater strength of emotion, a parachute is used, which is attached to the boat with the help of special equipment. Parachutes designed for parasailing are usually brightly colored and this creates even more mood and is a great attraction for everyone who watches your air walk. By choosing this type of entertainment, you are immersed in a world where beauty and harmony reign. This type of water entertainment is suitable for many people, including those who have long wanted to make a parachute jump, but have not been given such an opportunity, as well as for all who love water adventures by boat and admire the seascape, making the most of your summer vacation.

And to those who have always dreamed of jumping from a parachute, but so far their fear has prevented them from taking this step, we will say: parasailing is just for you! You can start with it and feel the thrill you dream of so much. You will be convinced that the height is not as big an obstacle as you thought so far. One thing is for sure – this relatively low flight over the sea will inspire you to decide on a standard parachute jump.


Aqua park Nessebar



Kamikaze slide

This unique water attraction is one of the reasons to choose for your unforgettable summer fun Aquapark Nessebar. Kamikaze slide allows you to experience emotions that could hardly be described in words. Usually this type of water entertainment attracts the most daring and fearless visitors. The experience is a huge challenge for all who value peace and harmony in life, at the same time it would be a real gift for people who like to enjoy freedom and strong emotions.

The extreme water slide guarantees you a rush of adrenaline not only at the beginning of the attraction, but also during the entire descent. The experience generates a powerful charge of energy and enjoys an explosion of incredible sensations.

Surf simulator

Have you been tempted to try this type of water fun? The surf simulator is equipped with special turbines located below it, which direct a powerful jet of water to the surface and thus recreate the conditions for surfing with enviable realism. In other words, the surf stimulator mimics the ocean wave and provides unique sensations and emotions for all who want to remember for a long time their unforgettable vacation at sea.

Such an experience certainly attracts the interest of all surfers, snowboarders, skaters and all other fans of extreme sports. Of course, children are the biggest enthusiasts and most enjoy one of the most unique water attractions, attracted by the dynamics and the incredible feeling of freedom. Here everything happens very quickly and this gives a person the opportunity to forget about everything else and to concentrate exclusively on the wave and himself. While having fun with the surf simulator, you have the opportunity to clear all the negative thoughts from your head, to “restart” and to feel the flow of positive energy directed towards you. Try it, it’s great! It develops not only physically but also spiritually.

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