Movies about great climbers in Sofia

6 movies dedicated to the most famous French climbers and guides will be shown as premieres for Bulgaria at the Cinema House /Dom na kinoto/ in Sofia. The screenings are on 23rd and February 24th. Home audience will be able to attend the discussions on the challenges. And to meet with the filmmaker, the French journalist, and film producer Gilles Chappaz.

movies great climbers Sofia

There also be a translator of French, so you can ask him all the questions that interest you. In his movies, Chappaz always leaves his stars – climbers and guides to speak for themselves. The tickets from the evenings of the French mountain cinema will give you a 15% discount on your next purchase from a famous store for mountain equipment.

movies great climbers Sofia

The price for all screenings in one night is 12 leva or approximately 6 euro, and for two nights – 20 leva /approximately 10 euro/. On 23rd you can enjoy the “World of Gaston Rébuffat”, “Guides and association” and “Dream liaison.” And on the 24th of “The Road Terre”, “Jean-Marc Boivin – extremely yours” and “Traces the slope.” All films are subtitled.

movies great climbers Sofia
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