Mummers compete in Starchevata in Razlog

Mummers from across the country will compete during the masquerade carnival “Starchevata” in Razlog. On January 14 the central square of the city will be occupied with the sounds of hundreds of bells. Thе carnival is actually a competition for all the Bulgarian groups and the foreign groups can participate only in the demonstrations.

mummers razlog

In Razlog the mummers are called „chaushi”. The costumes are usually are made from goat skin and finish with a conical hat. On they belts the mummers carry heavy bells. The goal of the Eighth Festival in Razlog is to preserve the tradition.

mummers pernik

The criteria for selecting the winner are authenticity of the clothing, the feature of the presented custom, the artistry of the participants and the connection between dance, dress and speech. Each group has 10 minutes to impress the jury. The other guests of the festival can enjoy the reviving of the traditions for free.

mummers pernik
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