Mummers chase the evil spirits away from Glushnik village

Mummers will chase the evil spirits away for the next year from Glushnik village situated near Sliven. The tradition is kept alive for almost 100 years. The ritual is performed by enthusiasts during the second Saturday of February. This year the festival will be held on February 11. The clothing of the mummers in Glushnik is unique.

mummers glushtnik

The mummers are dressed in red and white rugs, and on their waist hangs bells whose sound is chasing the demons away. Moreover, each of them has a handmade mask on his face and carries a rod, which is laced lamb or rabbit fur. And hit the people for health and fertility.

mummers glushtnik

The band of mummers in Glushnik always have guys dressed as bridegroom and bride. Both roles are assigned to men. The group must attend also dressed as a bear person. Among the important figures in the ritual is a mummer disguised as a priest who blesses every home. The bride has to shave every bachelor in the village.

mummers glushtnik

After the mummer’s tour around each house in the village, all the people in Glushnik collect on the main square of the village. There the fun continues. The mummers tell a lot of dirty jokes as a part of the ritual. It should bring strength and fertility of attendees. The tradition is similar to those of the carnivals before the Christian fasting. It is suspected that the dirty talk and merriment will bring order and peace throughout the next year.

mummers glushtnik
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