The national costume festival in Zheravna begins

For another year you will be able to return150 years back in time  if you take part in the 12th edition of the National Costume Festival in Zheravna. This year the event will take place between August 16th and August 18th. The opening will be from 8 pm on August 16th. Then the annual Apostle of the Bulgarian award will be awarded.


During the first festival evening you will be able to enjoy concerts of “Eva Quartet”, Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi, Professional Folklore Ensemble “Dobrudzha”, “100 Kaba Guides”, Petri Choruses, Gergyovden Thracian Orchestra and Etropole Brass Music. At 11 pm, people will wrap their arms around the fire, sing and play with “Viev Folk Band”.


This year’s festival will also feature poets who will have to write a poem on the topic “Zheravna”. The jury will include the renowned academic Anton Donchev, and the literary awards will be in the name of the late businessman and patriot Stefan Sharlopov. The first three places also include cash prizes.

Zheravna folklore festival

During the three festival days, according to the rules, all participants must be dressed in a folk costume, which can be authentic, stage or stylized. Also allowed are clothing from the early 20th century, old military uniforms, as well as traditional ones of other countries.

Zheravna folklore festival

It is forbidden to import and use a number of contemporary objects, as well as plastic articles. The use of mobile phones is only allowed in a designated chat area. In the first two days camera, camera, cellphone, etc. is strictly forbidden. Only accredited media and festival photographers are entitled to this. There is also a parking lot for the guests of the festival.

Zheravna folklore festival
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