Nessebar celebrates 34 years in Unesco

On the 9th of December at 6 p.m in Nessebar will be celebrated 34 years since the entry of the old town in UNESCO’s list of world cultural heritage. As part of the holiday, will be opened the new town square, named after Juliet Shishmanova, the legendary coach of the Bulgarian team of rhythmic gymnastics of decades ago, born in Nessebar. The festive mood will create the small talents from the vocal group “Sea Stars” to the Municipal Children’s Complex.


Old Nessebar is included in the World Heritage List in 1983 at a conference in Florence, Italy. The reason is the preserved monuments of the thousand-year history of the city. These include the old Roman and Middle Ages fortress walls, Byzantine and Old Bulgarian churches with unique frescoes, antique houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. Among the churches you can see is the Old Bishopric – the largest Christian church in Nessebar.


You can also see the 6th-century Basilica of Eleuthera, the 12th Century St Stephen’s Church, 13th Century St Thomas, 14th Century Pantocrator, and St. John the Baptist. The old houses of the town are characterized by its first stone floor, served for business purposes, and the second floor with wooden lining and numerous windows. The houses were beaten inside. Do not miss to visit the historical museum of Nessebar to learn more about the history of the town and to explore valuable exhibits found during excavations.

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I love history, to walk through old cobblestone streets, to smell the air of the past times and to feel the legends in the air. And I'm lucky to have been born in a country with a glorious past and a lot of stories to tell. Bulgaria was founded more than 1,300 years ago and has never changed its name. But the life of people, their everyday habits, their traditions, their music and their art have changed over the centuries. I invite you to take a walk through the different ages of Bulgaria and to get to know it better.