Nessebar – from the comunist past to the present tourism


To enter communism with shiny shoes! Hardly because of this slogan of the communist era the Nessebar fishermen are posing dressed like that for this picture from the last century. The residents from the seaside town in Bulgaria were wearing overshoes on socks back in the days. Today, because of the tourism their appearance and that of Nessebar has changed basically.


But the fact is that it is thanks to ruling Bulgarian Communist Party  today we can walk to the preserved from centuries streets of the Old Town of Nessebar or to take pictures in front of the emblematic attraction The Old Mill. As early as 1956 the town was declared an architectural and archaeological reserve. Preserved spirit of the past is the reason why in 1983 Nessebar was added into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.


Today the city has grown and hundreds of tourists pose everyday in front of the Old Mill instead of local fishermen. If you also want to enjoy the attractions of Nessebar, the best time to do this is in the summer.

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